Welcome to the Carnival Cakers; a global sugar collaboration of cakers, cookiers and sugar artists from all walks of life! We hope you’ll join us every year when we choose a new country to celebrate carnival, in edible form.


Welcome to Carnival Cakers, a Sugar Art Collaboration, which is simply an on-line art show.  We gather once a year to celebrate the world-wide celebration that is Carnival.  But as we know, there are many different customs when it comes to this celebration.  That is why each year we pick one country, region, or city, and celebrate their carnival with them, via social media.

The Rules:

The artists all use one common theme for their medium….sugar.  That’s right, their entire piece of work is a sweet edible treat. Essentially sugar artists use a collaboration as an opportunity to make an over the top cake, cookie, or sugar sculpture and flex their creative muscles.

Carnival Cakers was conceived by Jennifer Kennedy of Sweet Jennie D.  Her love for carnival flourished after multiple visits to Venice, Italy and partaking in the Venetian Carnival celebrations.  From the grandeur of the costumes, masks, and festivities, an idea sparked about celebrating with the same level of grandiosity, but with sugar.  With the invaluable help from sugar art collaboration veteran, Heba Elalfy of Sweet Dreams by Heba, Carnival Cakers was created into existence.  This year, 2017, we had 92 sugar artists complete a celebration sugar piece.   But we won’t stop at celebrating only the Venetian Carnival, each year we will choose a different cultural carnival to celebrate! Come join us.

You can also view the Carnival Cakers on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/CarnivalCakers/


One of the many joys of social media is the mixing together of people from all over the world. Try  doing that pre-Facebook!  To live in a diverse world is to live in a blessed world and social media has literally allowed us to welcome people of all nations into our daily lives.   I wanted to create an image that incapsulates the very essence of an international sugar art collaboration, hence, the mixer! What better way to show we are an International Sugar Art Collaboration!

To further show just how diverse our Carnival Cakers are, have a look at the map below, created by Heba, which allows you to visualize our global reach of Carnival Cakers.


You can meet our sugar artists and view their Venetian Carnival inspired sugar art creations on the Blog entry ~ Carnival Cakers Venetian Style.


We are not currently taking submissions for next year; however if you need to contact us we will get back to you as soon as possible.